Awesome Character Themed Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Most kids have at least one superhero, cartoon, book or movie character that they just can’t get enough of. So, why not build a really cool kid birthday party around one of your kid’s favorite characters.

We’ve got lots of great kid birthday party ideas that will transform your kid’s party into an awesome “character” birthday extravaganza.

So, go ahead and browse around a little. If you happen to find a great idea, but it doesn’t match your chosen theme exactly, see if you can tweak it a little bit. You’ll be amazed at the results and so will your kid!

Blues Clues Party Dora the Explorer Party Barbie Birthday Party
Harry Potter Party Spiderman Party Ideas Finding Nemo Party
The Incredibles Shrek Party Tinkerbell Party Ideas
Little Mermaid Party SpongeBob Party Bratz Party Theme
Batman Party Theme Toy Story Party Star Wars Party

If you don’t see the theme that you’re looking for below, try looking in one of these sections:

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Emma Spillets

Help im having a party for a 3.4 and 6 year olds in one. There 3 and 4 yr old r a bit older that there age. And im having a bit of o problem how to make it successful for all children who attend xx


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